Mobile Application Developement

Mobile application acts as lifeline for tablets and smartphones. Their usage is increasing with every passing day. In every sector, like gaming, banking, productivity, online shopping, and so on, these are being used in large numbers. At OWC, a mobile apps development company, we offer engineered mobile applications for all sorts of businesses.

We have years of experience in providing applications based on mobile phone with various operating systems like:

  • Windows Phone OS
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile CE
  • J2ME
  • BREW
  • Google Android
  • Blackberry OS
  • Web OS
  • Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad/ iTouch)

Our mobile solutions work with both disconnected wireless like GPRS, Bluetooth, GSM / CDMA, 802.X and the past cradle sync mode. We synchronize data through programs so that accuracy of data is ensured along with decreased load on the internet.


Technologies: Android SDK; Android Native Development Kit (NDK); Android DT (ADT)

Languages: Java; C/C++; XML

Tools: Eclipse



Technologies: Java ME; BlackBerry SDK;

Languages: Java

Tools: BlackBerry Java DE; Eclipse; BlackBerry Theme Studio


Windows Phone

Technologies: .NET Compact Framework

Languages: C++; C#; Visual Basic

Tools: MS Visual Studio



Tools: Xcode

Technologies: iPhone SDK; Cocoa Touch;

Languages: Objective-C;


Mobile Web

Technologies: ASP.NET; Java; PHP; Ruby on Rails; AJAX; Flash; Silverlight;

Languages: HTML5 / CSS; JavaScript; C#; PHP; Ruby;

Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver; Microsoft Visual Studio; Eclipse; Idea; RubyMind; Adobe Flash;